Who Owns Your Domain?

Most people never give a second thought to domain ownership after registration. It’s one of those things that might cross your mind or prompt you to log in once a year, but as we see on a fairly regular basis, things can become difficult, or downright tricky, pretty...

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Is Web Design Dead?

Recent claims that web design is dead that is finding it's way to all sorts of social media sites is just fake news. The world isn’t about templates. Cookie-cutter solutions, whether design or technology solutions, are for the mass market at best. In a sea of...

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Rock Your World!

What's trending in 2013? Where does your business fit in?  Were you rocking it out or hitting flats? 1. The Power of Women is Growing:  The number of women-owned businesses is up 54% in the past 15 years. 2. The Middleman is Becoming Extinct: Attributed to the growth...

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What’s in a “Domain” Name?

Choosing a domain name can be as important to your company as choosing the company name. In fact, in several cases, companies have changed their name to their website domain because people recognized it more readily than the company name. So finding a domain name can...

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