Do You Use the Same Password?

If you've ever used the same password on more than one website, then your accounts may be compromised due to data leaks. Once a hacker gets your login information from a single site, they can try it on other sites. Many hackers use automated tools to cycle through...

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Stop Spam Emails

Have you noticed a rise in the amount of Spam Emails? It's not your imagination. 65% of all emails are spam. Every email is supposed to provide an "Unsubscribe" link. Often clicking that link, though it confirms unsubscribe, does nothing. A few days later the spam is...

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Who Owns Your Domain?

Most people never give a second thought to domain ownership after registration. It’s one of those things that might cross your mind or prompt you to log in once a year, but as we see on a fairly regular basis, things can become difficult, or downright tricky, pretty...

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