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Stop Spam Emails

Have you noticed a rise in the amount of Spam Emails? It’s not your imagination.

65% of all emails are spam. Every email is supposed to provide an “Unsubscribe” link. Often clicking that link, though it confirms unsubscribe, does nothing. A few days later the spam is back.

It’s not just independent companies but some really large companies like and seem to “refuse” to let anyone unsubscribe.

So how do we get off these lists? The CAN-SPAM Act is a federal law that’s supposed to protect us. File a complaint with CAN-SPAM.

Another option is to “block” the IP address (view the full header of the message) in your email. Find the senders IP address (it will be a series of numbers similar to this: IP  Jot down the number. Then login to your CPanel on your Web Hosting account and locate IP Block. Enter the IP address.

Contact Forms have seen a rise in Spam. If you’re website is built using WordPress, your best option is to use a plugin called Akismet. The cost is about $60 per year. It prevents the spam from ever reach your email account.  Alert! Gmail accounts no longer accept details from Contact Forms. For more information, contact us.