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Is Web Design Dead?

Recent claims that web design is dead that is finding it’s way to all sorts of social media sites is just fake news. The world isn’t about templates. Cookie-cutter solutions, whether design or technology solutions, are for the mass market at best. In a sea of sameness, leading organizations in every sector, and those that aspire to join them, look to great design to differentiate their offerings.

What is true, though, is that the user experience is the top priority, perhaps more important than the “design” on top of it. While some methods simplify the technically laborious, time-intensive aspects for designers, they must still make sure the final design is purposeful and on brand. Human emotion connected to your core product or service is still the most desirable outcome. If the experience isn’t solid, the design is lost.

What is Mobile Ready?

Some people think if your website is accessible via a mobile device then it must be “mobile ready”. Nothing could be more frustrating for mobile users. So what does a non-mobile website look like to a mobile user?  Imagine taking the same website you view on a 17″ monitor and scrunching it to the size of a screen on an iPhone.  The print will be almost impossible to read.  So, what’s the answer? To provide a customized viewing experience for your mobile visitors. One challenge that you DO NOT want to deal with is to maintain two separate websites, one for mobile and one for desktop. The problem lies in that when you change or add content you have to do so in two places – essentially doubling your work. Our solution provides the same simple interface to make content changes in a single place and still provide a premium user experience regardless of their device.

Rock Your World!

Live Concert

What’s trending in 2013? Where does your business fit in?  Were you rocking it out or hitting flats?

1. The Power of Women is Growing:  The number of women-owned businesses is up 54% in the past 15 years.

2. The Middleman is Becoming Extinct: Attributed to the growth of e-commerce and how end-users are transforming the buying process.

3. Entrepreneurs are Everywhere: The power of start-ups should not be underestimated; an abundance of people are turning hobbies into businesses via economic opportunity and necessity.

Where does your business stand on it’s identity and promotion?  Does your company have a credible website?  The end to 2013 is approaching. Will you Rock Your Business on the web or try waiting another year? Will you be left behind by your competitors?