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The foundation of our service is based on integrity, trust, and fairness.  We provide the following guidelines to help you understand the process of how we operate.  Your trust is very important to us.  Your satisfaction is paramount.  Without your trust and satisfaction, we cannot be successful.  And to be fair, we provide you with the kind of traditional value that is rarely experienced in today’s economy.  

Each project and client has unique characteristics, requirements, and specifications. It is vitally important to provide detailed information about your business or project.  A mission statement (if you have one) and detailed description about your business are crucial to the development of a successful design.

We want you to be completely happy.  If you are unsatisfied during the production process, let us know so we can address any concerns. If you are unsatisfied with a supplied proof, it is important for you to notify us immediately so we can update or change direction.  Any delays in providing content to complete your project or correct information may impact your desired finished product and prevent the on-time launch of your website or the timely printing of your business cards, etc. Contact us if you have any questions at

Copyright and/or trademark infringement is serious business.  It can result in a lawsuit by the holder of a trademark or copyright. Site-Pro does not use the work of another creative or company without written permission. Site-Pro will not be held responsible for any trademark or copyright infringement.  Furthermore, any products provided to Site-Pro designer(s) must be cleared of any copyright restrictions. A signed release will be requested if we determine a possible copyright infringement.

Policies for Web Development

Content.  We request 80% of your content at the start of your web development. It takes time to create content from scratch and means that you need to dedicate time to write. The benefit will be that your website will be ready on time in a few short weeks (in most cases).

Content changes may result in delays and could affect the scheduled completion of your website. Delays could mean that your project is dropped from our schedule for a short period of time. When a delay results from lack of content or content changes, it disrupts the timeline that we created for you, and our ability to work it back into our schedule for a short while. If, however, delays continue on your part, there may be an additional charge of 20% of the total purchase amount.

We encourage you to stay on top of your content development so that your website can start working for you in a timely manner.  Otherwise, you may want to consider having us develop the content to speed the process. To find out what it would cost to turn content development over to us, click here.


Shipping/Delivery – Print Orders

Shipping only applies to printed materials.  In most cases, business card orders will arrive 3 business days after approval to print. Add one day for national holidays that fall on a business day. Large shipments and other printed items may take a little longer.  Faster turnaround is available at a slightly higher cost for shipping. The time to specify your delivery requirements is before the order is submitted for printing. We require an approval “OK TO PRINT” when you are ready to submit to print. We cannot accept changes or cancellation once an order has been submitted to print. If you cancel prior to shipping but after setup has been performed–there will be a minimum set up charge of $40.00.

Defects. You must notify us within 48 hours of receipt to receive a replacement. Site-Pro uses a gang run printing process which means that several orders are run on a press at the same time.  This may result in slight changes in the color results from one order to the next. Unless pieces are side-by-side there should be little or no impact. The gang run process makes it possible for us to print your order for 60% less cost than PMS (pantone matching system). If you need a PMS process, please make sure to notify us at the start of your project.  All print projects require approval to print, therefore, errors discovered after printing are non-refundable. Do not return your order unless you have received an authorization code.  Request an Authorization Code.


Refunds/Cancellation Policy

Projects that are in progress will be charged for work completed plus 5% of the purchase price. Once your project is delivered or online, there are no refunds. 

If you cancel your print order prior to shipping but after setup has been performed–there will be a minimum set up charge of $40.00. There are no cancellations once an order has been submitted to print.

To ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision before you place an order, please ask questions. We are more than happy to explain our process.


 Jan 2020


Subject to Change Without Notice.